A Table To Be Thankful For

A Table To Be Thankful For

        I’m just going to come right out and say it – Thanksgiving might be my favorite holiday. Yes, I know, I know – some of us don’t care for the food  (carbs are featured, so naturally I’m game). Honestly though, what other holiday condones the consumption of two types of potatoes in one sitting? Which are followed by pie. And the butter, oh the butter… I recognize that some people really hate slaving away all day in a kitchen (just toss me an apron) and that Christmas really is right around the corner – but there’s something about sitting down to celebrate life, love, and ridiculously good food that just feels like the most wonderful sensation – like all is at peace.

white pumpkin w:fairy lights

        Thanksgiving is sort of revolutionary in the way that it creates a day for us to literally stop, take a look around, and be thankful for what we have – the truly remarkable part being that each year, this is different. What we have gained and lost, who we have become in the process… these shifts and turns keep things interesting, and keep us accountable.

        I love that no matter what situation we may find ourselves a part of, whether it be conversing over wine, seated alongside that familiar rectangular table, awaiting the inevitable (and appropriately melodramatic) family squabble, or twirling and leaping (or attempting to nonetheless) across the stage of a ship, surrounded by a newly forged family of the most creative coworkers – or perhaps nervously curled up in a hospital room watching dad struggle to recover from emergency open heart surgery (unarguably surreal), or maybe it’s at our younger sister’s house squeezing her unbelievably pleasant (yet slightly unexpected) in-laws into an oh-so-cozy dinner table while the boys frantically try to finish the turkey that just had to be smoked in the smoker… (I think we ate at 10pm, but FYI smoked turkey is incredible)…

        Somehow, amongst the chaos, we find the right reasons to feel grateful, and there are generally (let’s be honest, there are “without fail”) a series of unexpected surprises that make the day thrilling, memorable, and truly worthy of acknowledgment.

all white antler center piece table 2


        This chance to reminisce, to show appreciation and give thanks – it’s the key to feeling complete. What makes us most human. And with gratitude taking center stage, why not provide the warmest, most welcoming, gorgeously glowing backdrop? Which brings me to my next favorite part of Thanksgiving…


The table.


        I find that half of the fun of sitting down to dinner is first creating a scene. A vision that sets the tone and builds an atmosphere for the delightful fare and festivities to follow. Each November brings us another opportunity to assemble a stunning set up – one that let’s the party really come alive. With this season’s cool air and wet weather, I love mixing the simplicity of natural elements with a cozy,  elegant feel – farm tables, clean lines, gourds and greens, soft blooms and candlelight. If you’re in need of some serious tablescape inspiration, scroll down to view a few of my favorite Fall spreads. Cheers to you and yours, and may you find a table to be thankful for!

industrial summer dinner party pillar candle cluster smp 1

industrial summ dinn party smp 2

Fresh flora and fauna, with rosemary baguette place cards and lanterns

farm table al fresco close up 4farm table w:baguette settings and greens

Or perhaps a seaside soiree?

beachside big sur table

Try a pillar candle cluster, for candles, check here

simple farm table white pillar clump uk 2

farm table w white pillar clump uk 1

farm table w white pillar clump uk 3

A little peachy-pink and gold glassware never hurt anyone

peaches and mint pink glasses and fine leaf garland 2

peach and mint pink glasses and fine garland 3

Pumpkins and gourds galore


A touch of lace on the table for some antique nostalgia

lace table cloth and simple flowers anthro local milk

tiny pumpkin place setting anthro local milk

lace tablecloth and giant gourds anthro

A fresh Eucalyptus garland table runner that adds an amazing woodsy aroma

Ruffled - photo by http://www.paulaohara.com/ - http://ruffledblog.com/irish-destination-wedding-inspiration/

Ruffled - photo by http://www.paulaohara.com/ - http://ruffledblog.com/irish-destination-wedding-inspiration/

Or a warm candlelit glow via soft tapers or bistro lights

candlelit with gold leaf place setting

bistro light trelis and farm table benches 1

bistro light trelis and farm table benches 2


Corals, pinks, turquoise and fresh pops of color

coral and green bold table florals w turquoise

fall florals with jewel tones and green vase

Ruby reds, burgundy and deep blue hues – with a haruka table runner to add texture

Gaby, What's Gaby Cooking, Friendsgiving, Anthropologie, Holiday, Lamb, Friends, Wine

Gaby, What's Gaby Cooking, Friendsgiving, Anthropologie, Holiday, Lamb, Friends, Wine

fall centerpiece pomegranates GWS


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