Beat September Swelter with Ballast Point

Beat September Swelter with Ballast Point

Technically, Summer has come and gone.

San Diego, however, disagrees.

          With Fall waiting patiently in the wings there’s this sense of cool, crisp anticipation. Each September, this anticipation is inevitably scorched with a slew of brutal heat waves marking the grand finale of the Summer Sun.

Enter El Dorado.


                    Ballast Point sits amidst the apex of an ever-growing mecca that is the San Diego craft brew scene – and for the most part, good reason, I’d say. Currently one of the largest breweries in San Diego, BP produces an assortment of very drinkable beers from IPA (we are no doubt familiar with the ever-popular Sculpin IPAa perfectly respectable go-to) to Lagers and Stouts. The quality is consistent. The beers are inventive. A fresh approach flavor has kept them at the helm of craft brewing in San Diego. Sustaining substantial growth since starting their home brew shop in 1996, I think it’s safe to say that they’ve practically pioneered the craft beer business that is exploding here throughout the county. So much so, that the brewery was just purchased for somewhere in the realm of $1 Billion by the New York based beverage giant Constellation Brands (think Corona and Modelo).


          This is BIG for craft beer, because never before has a home-brew start-up achieved the ranks of billion dollar business (for an interesting read on the history of Ballast Point and details of the buy-out, click here). Which brings me to my new favorite billion dollar Ballast Point Brew, Dorado Double IPA. I like Sculpin, I do.

But there are other fish in the sea.


          Dorado is bold. It definitely has a bit of a boozy bite (which is right up my alley), but it achieves this wonderful roundness with subtle malts and the slightest hint of toffee sweetness. What I like most, however, is the refreshing factor. It is hop-fresh forward. Mouthfuls of fresh pine and grapefruit with a sharp citrus rind flavor are exactly what the doctor ordered on a sweltering 102 degree day. It was only a typical Tuesday when my husband (the “doctor” as it would seem) magically appeared with a bomber of the new brew in tow. Casually, he walked through the door, bottle in one hand, growler in the other. “I was right next to Ballast Point leaving work, so I stopped in” he said. “I left with these. I’m not even sure why…”

I say why ask questions. Ride the wave and enjoy.

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