Cool For the Summer

Cool For the Summer


         What is it about these sweltering, last-hit-of-Summer heat waves that make me crave anything of the cold and frothy form? I know I’m not alone here. When you can’t beat the heat (aka live in a lovely beach community where central air is traded for a “nothing short of spectacular” sandy locale) this just may be the answer to your prayers. That is, if you pray for beer.

        The guys up at Alpine Beer Company might be onto something with their West Coast Style single IPA aptly named “Duet” – and a sweet song of Summer it is. For those of you who speak Hop-talk, this West Coast IPA (for the word on what makes it “West Coast”, see how Trevor and Beervana break it down) is a combination of both Simcoe and Amarillo hops “in harmony” (see what they did there?) blended to delightfully entice and amuse. These two partner to produce a nice, smooth balance to what is typically a very hop-forward and hop-heavy style of brew. With a clean, crisp introduction and a refreshing finish, this frothy friend stands to deliver. Let’s not forget to mention the subtle citrus and fruits that come in just at the chorus to create a sweeter, fuller flavor. We’re frosting our glasses. On with the show.


“Duet”, Alpine Brewing Company, Alpine, California

West Coast Style IPA / 45 IBU / 7.00% ABV

alpine duet grass large

Alpine Duet 3

alpine duet wood lrg. cool for summer


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