Couchella Crashing

Couchella Crashing

It’s all about the #Couchella experience. What an appropriate moniker. Even the title sounds enticing – does it not?

        Let it be known that I love any opportunity to witness the undeniably spiritual experience that is live music performance. Even when it’s 90 degrees outside. Even when it’s one of Ryan’s hardcore punk-rock shit- storms.

        And especially when there’s a chance I’ll be unexpectedly, pleasantly surprised. There’s nothing better.

        If you’ve ever attended the world renowned Coachella Valley Music Festival, you’ll understand where I’m coming from when I say what I’m about to say.



        Now don’t get me wrong, I have been to Coachella on multiple occasions and under differing circumstances and while I am proud to say that I experienced this wild, Desert-festival mayhem, as a now thirty-something, home-body-by-nature, fair-skinned, un-proclaimed germophobe, I think I will honestly say that I can do without the scorching sun, cosmic dust-storms, heat-stroke and space-defying massive crowds.

I’m good.

In fact, a good beer and a good band is all I need.

But what about the experience you might say?

        Well, picture a cozy, pillow-covered couch, a teakwood-scented, smoky candlelit ambiance and all of the beer and bathroom amenities of your own home and I say to you – what’s not to like?

        Now, we know what’s up. Every April there’s a new yearly tradition that involves getting excited about the line-up, gathering up snacks and brews, putting on some hipster pj’s (you’ve got to have a little bit of the hipster fresh) and planning our streaming schedule.

        I think Urban Outfitters should release a line of #Couchella inspired Lounge Wear. For reals.

But seriously. Can we please commission this?

(My Other Couchella Essentials)

        Spread the word – Couchella is the new way to festivus with the rest of us! Invite your friends, add a little bring your own beer or wine-tasting game, sneak in a cheese board smorgasbord and you’ll never go back! You can re-create a little magic and mayhem right inside your own living room.

No sunburns or sand storms needed.

        This year we couched it up with our good man Kelan (who brought over the tastiest beer btw – see above & below) and watched in wonderment. The crowd faves were Bon Iver, Chicano Batman, Phantogram, and Kendrick Lamar, to name a few.

And of course, Radiohead. Goes without saying.

Cheers to next year’s Couchella adventures!

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Feast Your Eyes & Ears on a Few Videos of Our Favorite Performances for 2017:

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