Energy Envy

Energy Envy

        Ok, we’ve all been there – that moment when you’re working it, sweatin’ it out in your favorite class and suddenly – it happens. The girl in front of you (not directly in front, but just a little to the left) is seriously kicking ass. I mean, she doesn’t even know it, but she’s flying. Her skips are higher, her squats are deeper – it’s as if her feet aren’t even hitting the floor. Even better? She’s having a blast. I love this girl. I love this girl because while I’m initially filled with what we affectionately refer to as “energy envy”, it is quickly replaced with pure drive. There are days when the thought of working out is a mere figment of the imagination, and actually moving seems like total torture. But when this girl’s in class, she actually makes me want to work harder, and for that I am undoubtedly grateful.

        When it comes to exercise, no matter how much energy we may have (or not have for that matter), the end result is always the same: happier mind, healthier body, lighter spirit. Who could argue? And though the going gets tough, sometimes all it takes it a little energy envy and healthy motivation to kick-start our quest for total workout domination. These girls are not our enemies, they are our friends. I know, I know – but seriously, what do they eat for breakfast?

        So the next time you find yourself frantically following the girl out in front and a little to the left, don’t panic; thank her for bringing you closer to your own goals. You know, positive energy is quite contagious. And hey, who’s to say you couldn’t reward yourself with a salty, sweet post-work out indulgence? For working extra hard, of course…


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A Very Berry Smoothie
Blueberry Banana Ice Cream




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