For Our Future Fashionistas

For Our Future Fashionistas


        I’m not sure how this happens (to my knowledge pregnancy is not contagious – unless I’ve missed something major…) but somehow roughly 64% of my friends and family circles are currently pregnant or recently post-partum.


These things tend to happen in waves.


Or so I’m told.


tot blue gold dot band. fashionistas


        Of course, if like me, this is not your wave (and you’ll catch the next one) there’s still such fun to be had! Watching friends prepare nurseries, closets, and all things cute and cuddly has been both heartwarming (and overwhelming) in equal proportions!


baby toms demin orange. fashionistas


        While news of a little bun in the oven is generally cause for celebration, there’s something about being a first time official Auntie to a brand new baby niece that changes things… it’s called shopping people – and when it is for teeny, tiny baby girls, browsing is nearly as much fun as stocking up for yours truly – and definitely just as dangerous. I set out to put together a little new-niece package and quickly realized what has the potential to be a serious problem: my niece will have better style than myself. Which means I really need to up my game.


Anybody else?


baby racoon drum onesie. fashionistas


        It’s true, from headbands to moccasins and mini-skinny jeans alike – I’m all in. And there’s no doubt that if it came in my size, I would have to seriously exercise the powers of restraint. Now I have a pint-sized excuse. Yes it’s always good to get a bit of info from mom (see how she feels about giant bows, florals, animals, and all shades of pink) but here are a few ways to totally spoil (and sweeten up) your little ones. For all of the future fashionistas out there, the world is your oyster.


And if you set some stuff aside for yourself,


I won’t judge…


baby taupe sweats hm. fashionistastriangle scarves hm. fashionistas

baby owl romper


baby skinny jean. fashionistasbaby toms grey stripe. fashionistas



baby knit boat neck navy dress. fashionistas

baby boho graphic print. fashionistas

baby bow chevron. fashionistas


baby pink leggs unicorns. fashionistasbaby moccs fog grey. fashionistasbaby leggs blk plus signs. fashionistas









baby old nav fur trim coat. fashionistas


baby fur boots. fashionistas

baby sweat bodysuit hm. fashionistas

baby sweats hm. fashionistas

baby bw dress target. fashionistas


baby leggs panda bear. fashionistas

bear outfit etsy. fashionistas

baby hipster onesies. fashionistas

plus sign moccs

hello adventure onesie

plaid red dress target



baby deer onesie

grey knit hooded dress target

little girl wellies in forest



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