Friday Favorites, Vol. 1: Summer Edition

Friday Favorites, Vol. 1: Summer Edition

Since before I can remember, I have loved magazines.


I mean, seriously though.

If I got the chance to pop in to a Barnes and Noble (yes I was 13 going on 40) I would go straight for an issue of foreign Vogue. One from Paris or Spain – or maybe Australia. I’d cut photos from the sleek pages and make collages of my favorite outfits, looks, interiors…


whatever inspired me.

The best days were Fridays. When school was out, I would rush home, make a snack and then search the mail for a colorful new publication. I studied each page carefully – planned new looks and meticulously saved my favorites – some of them for years.


It’s not weird.




It’s not.


OK, so it’s a bit weird. In truth there are a few I have kept over the years (partly because I spent a fortune on them, but mostly because I still love the looks). I keep them in my guest room so that I can thumb through them from time to time.


But it’s not just the pictures. Or the styling. I mean I loved the styling inspiration – and I had some pretty questionable outfits from 9th-12th grade as a result. It was more than that.


It was cutting-edge trends, forward thinking fashion, innovative interior design –

and it was the editors – (whom I revered as experts in their fields) citing their fresh new picks for all things beauty, life and style.


It was a new, exciting world of pages I couldn’t wait to turn.


Looking back, a favorite editorial of mine has always been an on-trend editor’s top picks. Hands down. Nothing beats a solid go-to for up to date finds. So in honor of my twelve year old self, I’m starting one here.

Note* This first one is by request (@haileybarker), so if there’s something in particular you’d like me to cover, please drop me a line in the comments below!


Welcome to Friday Favorites, Volume 1: Summer Edition


1. Iconic Summer Slide


Mossimo Lina Sandal in Cognac, courtesy of


Every Summer needs a classic slide. These are the perfect mix of casual, comfy, and cognac. A spanish-leather style shoe has been at the top of my wishlist and so far I’ve worn this pair incessantly. Fun fact – I have absurdly wide feet (it’s sad, but true). While they are great for dancing, they come with some serious limitations. I can’t tell you how many times I tried to buy last season’s classic leather slides from jcrew – maybe 10 times. Every time I tried them on (or something remotely similar) my heart sank. I just couldn’t pull them off –


figuratively, but also literally.


If you too suffer from hobbit-foot syndrome (I’m pretty sure it’s a thing), these by Mossimo are a surprisingly good option. And if you run narrow, I also adore the “Malia” in cognac; these have the same spanish-style Majorca-meets-Moroccan flair and will flatter a slender to normal-width foot. For the price, they are a steal.


2. Best Non-Chemical, Mineral Based Sunscreen


Drunk Elephant Daily Defense Mineral Sunscreen SPF 30, courtesy of


In addition to wide feet, I’m also painfully pale (it just gets better and better people). My Irish heritage tends to get the best of me in Summer time. With a rosy complexion, sunscreen is usually not an option, but rather a requirement. Gosh I’ve tried so many. Lately I’m sampling more natural, mineral based options and trying to stay away from chemicals with toxicology wrap-sheets like oxybenzone (which I believe can disrupt hormone levels because it’s a synthetic estrogen) & avobenzone. Instead, to block both UVA and UVB rays I look for a good amount of zinc oxide, perhaps with titanium dioxide in tow.


Now I will tell you this, many of the mineral based sunscreens I’ve tried do not rub in/absorb as well as the chemically based ones do (the price we pay for a safer, more natural option). Sometimes with the help of a silicone based primer you can get a little bit more leverage, but I don’t want to pull the wool over your eyes here. I think sunscreen period is always better than nothing at all.


If you don’t mind the chemicals, you might go with something like Neutrogena Ultra Sheer because it is light as a feather and offers good solid protection. But, if you’re like me and want a more natural option, this one by Drunk Elephant is by far my current favorite. It is goes on as sheer as humanly possible (for a zinc based product), doesn’t feel greasy, has the zinc oxide necessary for daily protection, and hasn’t caused a breakout yet. Plus it’s packed full of antioxidants. Once applied, my skin actually feels velvety to the touch, with not even a glimmer of cake or streak.




Year after year these are my sunscreen criteria and this one fits the bill.

Also, do we know why this elephant is drunk? I’m just wondering… #somebodygethimanuber

*FYI Second place shout out goes to Suntegrity Natural Mineral Sunscreen – another fantastic mineral-based product that boasts absolutely no toxins, parabens, mineral oil or phthalates. It has a delightful scent and I love that the owner  Tricia T. created the line in memory of her mom – whom she lost to melanoma. My only tiny complaint with this one is the thickness. You’re definitely dealing with a denser, less breathable layer here. While it’s a little bit tougher to blend, it’s a solid product that does it’s job. And it’s EWG certified and worry-free. Another good choice.


3. Bathing Suit #Goals


High Neck Keyhole Halter Bikini Top, courtesy of


Every Summer needs a snazzy new suit – am I right?! It’s tradition. Growing up, every Easter my grandmother’s gift to my sister and I was a brand spankin’ new swimsuit. It just wouldn’t be Summer without one. This one by Victoria’s Secret PINK is sleek, classy, and fierce without being too flashy –


and it’s black. Enough said.


4. Favorite Bronzer
bronzing powder
Bobbi Brown Bronzing Powder, courtesy of


I’ve actually used this Bronzer for a number of years now, and while I’ve tried others in between, I always come back to this one by Bobbi Brown. She has since brought in additional shades to compliment a wider range of skin tones and the price point remains affordable. In the Summer time, I use a tinted moisturizer with SPF (formulated by a local pharmacy), a few dabs of cheek stain, a swipe of blush, and finish with just a dusting of this bronzer over the bridge of my nose and across my forehead and temples. What I like about this version is that it sort of ties everything together in a nice, neatly finished package. You get a very soft, natural glow without needing much product. It’s matte, a bit ruddy (but looks natural for a rosy skin tone), doesn’t have a gratuitous amount of shimmer, and still feels lightweight –


also, no breakouts.


5. Casually Perfect White Tee


white cotton v-neck tee
Madewell Whisper White Cotton Tee, courtesy of


And a white tee for the win!


There is something about Madewell’s Whisper Tee collection that has me –


hook, line and sinker. I have five. That’s right FIVE!


Wow, that’s embarrassing. But also not, because at $19.50 they are actually quite economical. This white tee is a basic necessity that totally delivers. With clean lines and a straight-ish cut it’s not too form-fitting (and you can size up if you want a little bit more drape). The cotton is thin but durable, and it’s 100% so it doesn’t shrink or deform in the wash. I hang dry for longevity.


My favorite classic white tee. Case closed.


There’s also a lovely crew-neck & striped option – if that’s how you roll.


Confession. I have one of these too.


I am thrilled to share my favorite finds for Summer with you! Please share your top Summer picks in the comments below!

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