Heathered, Marled, Softspun, Cozy – The Necessary Knit

Heathered, Marled, Softspun, Cozy – The Necessary Knit

        So, a few months back I stood by one of my cardinal rules and purchased an item (while out shopping) that was not on my list, completely unrelated to my list, and entirely unnecessary.

This, I think, is the only way to shop.


        Maybe this sounds a little nonsensical. Let me explain. I don’t know about you, but anytime I set out to find a specific item or a specific article of clothing – I will find nothing. If I am in desperate need of a sleek (and not too formal) black dress, the universe will somehow remove any and all black dresses from within my buyable zip code.

        Or maybe I’ve envisioned the most perfectly colored cashew bootie and I’m convinced I’ll find it at Nordstrom, Zappos, Target, Revolve – somewhere, surely this magical boot exists.


It doesn’t.

Out from Under brushed heather grey shirt and shorts
via urbanoutfitters.com


        My search starts to go down a dangerous path when I begin trolling apparel on Amazon. Tell me, who is going to find acceptable cashew-colored leather booties on Amazon people?


No one. Ever.


Well, probably no one ever.


        Which is why I have this rule in place. If I’m out and happen to stumble upon something that looks to be a hands-down wardrobe wonder, I have permission to purchase. Whether it’s a pair of boots, a willowy midi-dress, or a hi-low, long-sleeve, exquisitely shaped and appropriately draped knit.

Textural Hooded Jacket
via madewell.com

        As I was saying, a few months back I found myself rounding the corner of Crate and Barrel, headed toward our local Gap Outlet. It’s not a place I find myself often, so I thought what the hell – I’ll pop in.


Assess the situation.


        Just as I entered the double doors, I spotted it – a low-level ledge displaying an array of neutral-toned softly spun knits.




        They were long-sleeved but light weight – perfect for a quick pull-over or incidentally, a cold weather layering staple. Multi-purpose and efficient…


check, and check.

Softspun Heathered Jogger Pant
via gap.com


        Almost instantly, my eye drifted toward a casually heathered and marled grey shade. I didn’t let myself get too excited – I hadn’t unfolded it to test the fit, or more importantly slipped it over my shoulders to survey the drape – but it looked like a winner.

        I quickly slipped it over my tee and scurried over to the nearest mirror. Though it was difficult to see the full silhouette (and I had on questionably fresh post-sweat workout wear – my typical uniform for this kind of outing) it looked just about right.

Can I get a hell. yeeahh.


So I bought it. As per my rule.


Brush Hacci sweatshirt grey knit
via nordstrom.com


        However, my rule also stipulates that if I fail to wear said purchase within the first week, I am obligated to return it. This provision prevents me, you see, from cluttering up my closet with “could’ve -beens” that are destined to gather dust and sadly




In truth, I wore it the very next day. And every single day that week. I basically never hung it back up.


Vented Trapeze Hem Top
via forever21.com


        The softly spun knit fabric was so cozy and light – the peppered gray color conveyed the perfect amounts of casual and put-together. This was a total triumph. So I did what any one in their right mind would do – I went back and bought another. In a creamy-beige neutral shade of course. I mean, I couldn’t wear the exact same thing every single day.


But let’s be honest, I would, if I could.


        Now I was the happy owner of not one but two of these simple, versatile, long-sleeve pullover knits. Completely necessary. Worn constantly. Until disaster struck.

Heather grey knit French Terry Joggers
via target.com


        We were headed to Texas (problem numero uno) to a Memorial for my husband’s wonderful late Grandfather. Of course I packed my grey long-sleeved side-kick – this closet staple came with me everywhere. Now, I’m not exactly sure what happened between my house and The Drury Hotel in San Antonio, Texas – I maintain that airport security upon unzipping my suitcase instantly went googly-eyes for my marled-grey masterpiece, tossing it aside and into a pile of “confiscated items” – but I can’t be sure.


In essence, it was just…



Never to return.

Fleece Marled Surplice Top
via forever21.com


I was crushed. I called the hotel, retraced my steps, tore my house upside down – nothing.

Somehow, I had misplaced my most favored article of clothing.

How could this be?

Brushed Marled Knit Top Grey
via forever21.com


        I went back to the Gap on a whim that somewhere within the four walls I’d find a lingering sweater or two. But months had passed, Spring was in bloom and sadly the long-sleeved enigma was only a seasonal item. While I wore the beige knit often, it wasn’t quite the same. There was something about that peppered, heather-grey that I desperately missed. And I needed to bring it back to my closet STAT. My new mission; search and seek out all softspun, marled, heather grey items for possible detainment.


Just last month, I had a break-through.


        Shopping with my Mom in downtown Santa Cruz, I reluctantly wandered back into The Gap – just to have a look-see. I couldn’t believe my eyes.

cross-back heather grey sweater
via gap.com


        Though it wasn’t the original famed long-sleeve grey tunic, it was almost there… painfully close. Instead, displayed before me was a whole softspun, heather grey collection of knit loungewear (I can work with this) in all different shapes, sizes and styles. A WHOLE COLLECTION.

        I went a little cray. Well, not completely. But clearly I had identified that this color to be one I’d wear the $#*t out of, so it was all good. I purchased the cross-back long-sleeved knit you see above, as well as a long-sleeved casual hoodie, a 3/4 sleeve tunic-style top (that I kindly gave to sis) and a pair of drawstring joggers for gigg’s. The best part? All of it was on sale.



Heather Grey knit hoodie from Nordstrom
via nordstrom.com


        I wore every single one of these purchases (not all at once mind you) within the first week. In addition to the aforementioned, I bought a pair of white denim jeans (because they were half-0ff). Full disclosure, I haven’t worn them yet.

So long…



        If you haven’t joined the softspun, textured & marled, heather-grey knit club, you should probably get on board. Keep an eye out for this comfy, cozy, versatile staple.


See a few of my finds above and below to get started.




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