Holiday Gift Guide, Vol. 2

Holiday Gift Guide, Vol. 2

It’s almost here! And as I sit beneath the tree wrapping the last few gifts (and wondering whether or not I need to re-wrap the ones my sweet husband has handled himself) I could not be more thankful for the good fortune that allows me to host (temporarily) these wonderful trinkets and baubles below our tree. Nor could I be more excited to give them to their rightful owners!

For me, the best part of Holiday shopping is two fold; I love to purchase gifts on people’s Wishlists, but I also love the search for that “perfect gift” that is an unrealized, pleasant surprise. This year I had such fun shopping about – perusing, exploring, gathering ideas – at some point I started just grabbing up things that felt right or that I loved, and then when it came time to wrap it was like a clever little game. Drinking tea with cream and snacking on freshly baked snickerdoodles, I happily sat piecing the puzzle together and orchestrating the lot.

Tea and cookies make most things better.

Not only does Christmas time provide the perfect excuse to shop for ideas, it’s also a nice chance to give back. Everything is a little bit lighter and a lot brighter – which is a good time to show others (and maybe others that aren’t so fortunate) that there is a lot of light and love in this world, and that they deserve some too. I think the best way to get into the spirit is to get out there and do something for someone less fortunate than yourself – volunteer, donate to a cause, purchase a meal for a needy family – whatever speaks to you. I love to go through our closets and donate clothing for families in need (I also tried to donate lotion and bath salts this past trip – FYI, while these “chemicals” smell lovely and are pleasant, sadly they are not acceptable donations at your local Goodwill…).

And if you’re still having trouble getting into the spirit my suggestion is this; next time you’re out and about, shuffling through aisles and sifting through sweaters, snag a little something for yourself. Sure, it’s totally unconventional, but let me explain…

Sometimes during the Season we get so caught up in buying and shopping and gifts and cards and presents for everyone in the world that we feel like we are drowning in it all, and we get angry.

We get Grinchy.

We forget that the whole point of gift giving is to make another person feel special. It’s to give someone else a feeling of recognition, of validation – to make them feel warm from the inside out.

To make them feel like they are cared for.

So perhaps every now and then we need our own little reminder of what that feels like. Trust me, once you feel that warmth, you’ll want to give it all around. 🙂

Warmest wishes and Happiest of Holidays to all. Here are a couple of fun little ideas I came across while “shopping for others” this year 😉

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Holiday Gift Guide 2016

Just a Few Ideas…


Heathered Sweatpants, H & M

Concrete Hexagon Coasters, ETSY

Oil Bottle with Gold Stopper, World Market

Mario Badescu Super Collagen Mask, Anthropologie

Kastrull Saucepan (Hot Cocoa pan for me) with Lid, Ikea

Taupe Ceramic Tasting Bowl/Salt Dish, World Market

Hanover Kern Fig & Olive Hand Balm, Anthropologie

Minnetonka “Chrissie” Bootie, Zappos

Candlefish Safety Matches, Anthropologie

Therapie Bath & Body Oil in Lavender Mint, World Market

Out From Under Strappy Back Halter in Cream, Urban Outfitters

Kai Body Butter, Anthropologie

Skeem Apothecary Matches, Anthropologie

Northern Lights Pitcher, West Elm

Mini Voluspa Candles, Nordstrom

Brass Plant Mister, ETSY

Camille Champagne Flutes, Crate & Barrel

Latte Mugs in Ivory, Anthropologie

Mini Ceramic Pots, ETSY

Black and Grey Geo Woven Throw, World Market

Alaska Knit Navy Socks, Target

The Clean Eating Kitchen, Amazon

Men’s Long Sleeve Henley in Charcoal, Target

Winter Cocktails, Amazon

Men’s Ugg Scuff Romeo II Slippers, Zappos

Blue Parka, H & M

Gentlemen’s Hardware Enamelware Mug, Urban Outfitters

Men’s Grey Sweatpants, H&M

Long Sleeve Denim Shirt, H & M

Ron Swanson Personalized Cutting Board, ETSY

And a good Beer never fails…

Modern times Accumulated Knowledge, Glass “Corbin” by Crate & Barrel

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