Holiday Gift Guide, 2020

Holiday Gift Guide, 2020


Just because this year has been challenging, funky, stressful and unpredictable, why not do something that feels comforting, nostalgic, and…well…


All the more reason to Gift guide.

This particular pastime has always brought me joy; it’s something about the art of “curating”. I think one of the most positive things about creating and curating is that even if what you’re creating isn’t totally tangible (things that aren’t currently in your possession), it still feels real. Curating allows you to create a space (or home, or room, or closet or vignette) that exists here, for you to enjoy, even if you aren’t currently living inside it. It’s like magic that way, isn’t it?

The thing about dreams is the more you hone & craft them, the more they start to become your reality. So, I’m sending you all extra love this year, and consider this your official permission to dream & draft your happy space, place, room, closet…the possibilities are endless.

And get creative, because the more energy you put into creating a life you love, the more likely you are to find yourself living it.


Here are a few items with a permanent space on my wishlist & gift-list this year, I hope they bring you joy.


Marta Tasting Glass, CB2

Happy Habitat Recycled Cotton Throw, West Elm


Sandy Ceramic Travel Cup, Pottery for the Planet


Gold Stacking Ring Set, 10mm, ETSY

“Luna”, Janessa Leone

Ceramic Butter Dish, Shoppe Amber Interiors

Hand Carved Wooden bowls, Stripe

Tigre Earrings, Botanic & Luxe

Ceramic Spoon Rest, ETSY


2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant, Paula’s Choice

Elago Phone Wallet, Anthropologie

Stasher Bags, Anthropologie

Capri Blue Volcano Capiz Jar Candle, Anthropologie

OFFLINE OTT Fleece Sweatshirt, Aerie




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