Holiday Gift Guide, Vol. 3

Holiday Gift Guide, Vol. 3

The Season is upon us! Decorations are up, the halls are decked and the magic of cozy, candlelit-nights & wintery weather are working in tandem to slowly transform our Fall landscape into a (slightly wet – but nevertheless – marvelous) Wonderland.


With Thanksgiving happening on the slightly later end this year, things can feel even more urgent, more compressed – so I am loving the cues to slow down, take a breath and let things unfold, naturally. Which can be difficult. Especially when plans are changing, schedules are re-arranging and things feels like they are in constant flux. It’s not surprising that many of the people I look to for inspiration are on this same wavelength…finding joy in the spaces between, embracing the season of life we are in, and having gratitude for all that we have – already at our fingertips.



What I love about this concept is that it really does speak to a larger discussion about perspective, namely, just how much the simple adjustments we make in our perspective can result in a better alignment (or consequently, a worse one) with how we view ourselves and our day to day living. We are naturally wired to always want more, to be striving for more – and it’s helpful to understand that this is a mechanism that is already in place. In order to combat this innate tendency, we turn to gratitude, reverence, and a broadened perspective, which helps to shift our mindsets and nurture that sense of inner calm. Don’t get me wrong, shifts in perspective are HARD, but with effort, I’ve found they truly can amount to a greater feeling of peace and happiness.

DIY Trees, via

Along with this theme of “slow”, comes an undercurrent of “simple”…living with less and enjoying more. What better way to pare down than to embrace quality over quantity? To really consider the things or experiences that nourish us, and those around us. I like to point out both “things” and “experiences”, because I think these days (with the way the web works) we can easily get caught up in ideas – which can quickly become movements – that take on a power of their own… maybe at times we feel like if we don’t live by a certain set of group-based ideals, we are failing.

Folks, let me just say this, it’s not wrong to want a few “things” in your life.

If an item brings you joy, lights you up inside, or you just think it is beautiful to look at – is it really wrong to want this? (Of course, in moderation.) Beauty is a unique, very subjective quality, and I just don’t think it is something that we should feel guilty about wanting to fill our lives with.

Festive Cake, via

“Beauty” means something different for all of us, and I think that, in and of itself, is something special. Worth embracing. That being said, if we are only looking to things and more things to bring us contentment, well this will be an endless, exhaustive, and ultimately a very empty search. Really, it’s about intention. It’s not that things are bad. Things have recently gotten a bit of a bad rap. Maybe ask yourselves this, just what exactly are these things doing for you, personally?

This is where it’s important to know yourself, just a little bit.



How do we define our intentions? Well, we have to know our personal values. What brings us happiness? When do we feel most fulfilled? What do we really need? How can we be more conscious about the people we love, about our planet? What makes us feel confident, comfortable, proud, special…and perhaps the most important…what things or experiences make us forget that time is actually passing by? These questions are an excellent place to start. And remember, even the small steps are worth celebrating!

Easy Fall Garlands, via

In living with intention, you have to know what intention means for you, and what makes you feel whole. You’ve got to have a conversation with yourself and with your spouse, and together take inventory of what you truly enjoy. Maybe it’s giving back (subsequently, we are also wired to gain greater fulfillment in giving to others than giving only to ourselves – so keep this in mind). Maybe it’s cleaning out your closets and donating what you no longer use or need. Maybe it’s taking a special family trip. Maybe it’s playing a board game cozied up next to a crackling fire, or maybe it’s dressing up and taking a family photo that you will hang in your hallway and then smile with gratitude each time you pass by said print…the point is, you have to know the purpose of the things you surround yourself with. Once you can identify your intentions, only then you can truly appreciate and enjoy what you already have, what you acquire, and what you choose to fill your space with – both inside, and out.

Putting a list together is great fun (it’s one of my favorite things to do!) – but I’m going to make a greater effort to be more intentional about it. And though it may take some practice, this year I plan to spend more time focusing on what I already have, because in all honesty, this is how we create fulfillment. How we truly feel abundant.

Here are a few items that bring me joy in this season of life (even if it’s just looking at them on an elegantly curated list…!)

For Your Wishlist…

(*ethical) The ReCashmere Stroopwafel Turtleneck, Everlane 

Hearth & Hand Fireside Candle, Target

(*conscious) Tree Napper Weighted Blanket, Bearaby

Stay On Track Desktop Notepad, Wit & Delight

Olenna Vanity Stand, Anthropologie

(*clean) Hair Perfector No. 3, Olaplex via Sephora

Inside Out Dreamy Soft Jogger, Aerie

Hand Shaped Leather Tray, West Elm

(*clean) The Power Base Protein Mask, O&M via Sephora

Demi Graphic Hoodie in “Doing Great/Oat Marle”, CottonOn

Chrissy Fleece Bootie (or in Black), Minnetonka via Zappos 

Play Real Me High Waisted 7/8 Legging, Aerie

(*clean) C-Firma Day Serum, Drunk Elephant via Sephora

Capri Blue Volcano Candle, Anthropologie


Faux Fur Throw in Light Grey, Anthropologie

The Friendship Cuff, Sand + Grit

Hats by Janessa Leone, in Michon, Luca, & Jeanne
The Seven Earring, Sand + Grit

The Hammered Ear Climber, Sand + Grit

Adele Cashmere Scarf, Club Monaco

The North Face Outer Burrows Down Parka, Nordstrom (Less $$ Option here)

Plantastic Micropeeling Super Drops, Beauty Pie

Flared Satin Skirt, H&M




Deana Ankle Strap Pumps, Sam Edelman via Nordstrom



Triple Hyaluronic Acid Serum, Beauty Pie

Facial DermaRoller Microneedling Tool, Amazon

Gray Melange Sweatpants, H&M

Longline Peached Hoodie, CottonOn

Boot Socks, Ugg via Anthropologie
Marble Footed Decorative Tray, Crate & Barrel

From The Oven To The Table, Diana Henry via Anthropologie

Large End Grain Teak Wood Cutting Board, Amazon

Super Simple, Half Baked Harvest via Anthropologie
Schwinn Women’s Gateway Hybrid Bicycle, Target


Chunky Knit Blanket Workshop, AR Workshop San Juan Capistrano


For His Wishlist…

Convertible Garment Bag, Modoker via Amazon

Goodfellow Standard Fit Textured Long Sleeve Shirt, Target

Dark Grey Brushed Cotton Twill Joggers, H&M

Fulton Bag & Co. 12pk Cooler, Target

Goodfellow & Co. Regular Fit Long Sleeve Textured Henley, Target

Men’s Samba OG Sneaker, Adidas via Nordstrom

Men’s Rib Knit Hat, H&M

Eucalyptus Shower Steamer, Orange-Thyme Bath Apothecary
Men’s Cotton Parka, H&M

Vitruvi Essential Oils Diffuser


Brixton Men’s Hooligan Cap, Amazon


Men’s Standard Fit Novelty Flannel Button Down, Target

Pour-over Coffee Maker, Chemex via Urban Outfitters

Men’s Slim Fit Hennepin Chinos in Natures Brown, Target

Black Fine Knit Cashmere Scarf, H&M


Game of Thrones Catan, Amazon

Zak Insulated Tumbler, Target


Men’s Ultra Soft Long Underwear, Goodfellow & Co., Target

A Moon Shaped Pool, Vinyl, Radiohead via Amazon

S 803 White Speakers by Jamo, Amazon

Threshold Printed Flannel Sheet Set, Target

Kodak Ultra Mini Portable Projector, Amazon


For Hudson’s Wishlist…

Hooded Puffer Vest, H&M

Ryan’s Room Building Blocks Bag O’ Blocks, Amazon


Regular Fit Twill Pants, H&M

World Map (Mini), Gathre

Merion Wool Grey Beanie, H&M

Little People, Big Dreams Matching Game, Amazon

(*conscious) Eco Round Nesting Containers, Anthropologie
5 in 1 Kids Kick Scooter, Amazon
Melissa & Doug Paint with Water Book, Amazon
Frost Free Puffer Vest, Old Navy

High Tops, H&M


Magnetic Hide & Seek Board, Melissa & Doug via Amazon

Fire 7 Kids Edition Tablet, Amazon

(*conscious) Grey Hoodie, H&M

Large Wooden Blocks, Amazon

Toddler Boys Fleece Raglan Sleeve Crew Sweatshirt, Target

Play Tool Bench Set, Anthropologie

Magnetic Animals & Letters Set, Amazon


Quilted-Chest Hooded Microperformance Fleece Jacket, Old Navy

Monogram Nails, Anthropologie

aPerfectLife Kids Ukelele Guitar, Amazon

Giant Timber Jumbo Size Wood Game, Amazon
*All Items are Linked & Sourced


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