The Jegging Jungle

The Jegging Jungle


        Tell me, has anyone else set out to find a certain “perfect-fit” Fall staple and run into this problem… Denim is dead, enter the jegging? Friends, as a girl with a strict policy of “apartment pants” and bralettes behind closed doors, let it be known that I have no problem welcoming comfort into my closet (there are more pairs of Yoga pants than your nearest Lululemon – a fact of which I am not proud) – but this mysterious partnership? Perplexing.

jean inspo 2. Jegging jungle


        After a fruitless search through three of my denim go-to’s, I found myself wondering what I had missed…all too quickly did I discover the eminent truth. Guys, it’s a jegging jungle out there.
Sure, Sure. I’m slightly over-reacting. Many of them are “super stretch” or “ultra- stretch”, but let’s call it like it is. Perhaps I come from an era where jeans were still revered as a classic wardrobe staple – tailored or tattered, they embodied a character all their own. Buying a pair of jeans was like investing in a well-crafted piece of artisan furniture; you’d look for quality, for fit, and for timelessness, because let’s face it – the two of you were going to withstand many a first date, friendly movie night, Happy Hour and much needed getaway together. In any event, you’d need something solid, trusty, substantial. You’d need something that you could count on to make you look your best and feel even better.
Well, denim delivered.

Jean inspo 5. Jegging jungle


        With every wear, the sturdy material begins to soften and bend to your body. Before too long, jeans become a best friend who knows you better than anyone – who else is there to tell you (oh so subtly) that you’ve been indulging in a few too many truffle fries, or pouring a rather large “glass” of wine as of late? What else gives you confidence to face the world once more after your heart’s been broken to pieces?
Jeans are tough. Denim dates all the way back to the mid 1870’s when Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis began outfitting California workers in pants that could withstand hard labor without completely falling apart… hence the birth of the blue jean. Today Levi’s are still a staple of quintessential American apparel – and for just that reason; each pair represents the blue collar working class mentality that with strong work, dedication, and perseverance we will prevail.

paige ripped denim. jegging jungle


        I love comfort. No really, I do. But, there is something about good quality denim, with its strong edges, intricate stitching, and durable craftsmanship that I just can’t find with the ultra-super-duper-stretch jegging. I feel comfortable, but I don’t feel empowered – not in a Brooke Shields on the cover of a magazine in an amazing pair of Calvin’s kind of way – and isn’t that the ultimate denim dream?


So the question is this; do we adapt?




        Maybe the pendulum will swing back. Or maybe we’ll find a way to introduce a little more give without giving up identity. In the meantime, I’m on the prowl for a good pair of jeans…


and let me be clear here –


actual. denim. jeans.


Here’s what’s on my mind:

jean inspo 4. Jegging jungle

anthro pilcro jeans. Jegging jungle

damsel denim. jegging jungle

jean inspo 3. Jegging jungle

paige denim. jegging jungle

Sincerely jules denim. jegging jungle

levis dark slim. jegging jungle

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