Marble Moment

Marble Moment


        After a few recent trips through Anthropologie and far too many hours of what I like to call “pinterest investigation” (because it obviously sounds more official than it is) it’s abundantly clear; something very clean, very cold, and completely awesome is on the horizon. I think I’m having a marble moment.


black and white kitchen. Marble Madness


        It all started when I found myself returning back and back again to a particular pin I like to use for kitchen inspiration – white walls, windows with black trim, clean cabinetry…heaven. But I found myself wondering “what is it about this pin that keeps me coming back…?”. On one of my, ahem, “weekly” trips through the House and Home section of Anthropologie (if I could just snag a pair of comfy PJ’s from the neighboring clothing section, I swear I could live there indefinitely) I caught a glimpse of a gorgeous faceted marble and dark wood cheese board, and I quickly realized what kept calling me back: gleaming white marble.


marble cheese board. Marble moment


        Now I’m noticing the sparkled stone everywhere, and I’ve got to say I’m game. The neatly cut corners and fresh slabs add a touch of class and elegance to any space. Mixing it with more earthy elements like wood or cement gives it a fresh take without being too opulent or over the top – marble in moderation people. Here are a few marble moments done right to inspire your next project:


cakestand. Marble moment

marble tub. Marble moment

mortar and pestal. Marble moment

marble top stool. marble moment


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