Never Judge a Beer by it’s Cover…

Never Judge a Beer by it’s Cover…

I have an Aunt who adores IPAs.


She is an avid hiker who loves a good beer with good friends.


Her routine?


        She’ll take a long trek up a giant mountain and her first reward upon returning to base camp is a bright, hoppy, nicely chilled IPA.


Friends, the apple does not fall far from the tree.


        Now, to be completely honest, my idea of a hike is taking our Corgi-mix pup to the dog park on Saturday afternoons – however, on things like beer, she and I –


we see eye to eye.


dogfish head w:brick wall


        Which is why I was surprised to learn that she had never tried one of my favorite go-to IPA’s, Dogfish Head’s 90 minute IPA. Interestingly, her explanation involved the image and the label. And I quote: “Oh no, I couldn’t drink a beer with a picture of a shark-thing on it that says it has a dog’s head?!!”


…yes it’s true, a few misconceptions may have occurred. But more importantly, the lesson is this – do not judge a beer by its cover.




Because you will lose.


dogfish and glass


        This floral, nicely balanced IPA is continuously hopped and then dry hopped during conditioning. What this does is create a beer that has a wonderfully layered hop flavor without being too potent or aggressive. Personally, my favorite part is the “malty backbone” – a deep, brandied malty flavor that balances out hop beautifully. Any bitterness seamlessly blends into the rest of the floral and fruit flavors. It is the perfect beer for both new IPA drinkers and self-proclaimed IPA lovers – and I must say it is now my Aunt’s favorite post-hike guilty pleasure.


Really, it might just be worth hiking a mountain for.





Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA

American IPA, 90 IBU, 9.00% ABV

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