One baby, Two (adorable) Showers

One baby, Two (adorable) Showers

When my sister announced that she was pregnant with her first child, my first thought was “holy cannoli!! No way  – it isn’t happening! Can this be happening??!! This is happening!”

My second thought was, HOW will this happen? Because she lives in Northern California…

and the whole fam-bam is still South.

Well, from pretty early on, we planned to get creative. She has so many friends – not to mention her in-laws  and family are in the Bay Area, so it felt only natural to host two separate soirees – one for the Northern part of the state, and one in the South so they could celebrate all the same. This of course meant double the planning and double the fun – because why wouldn’t you want to shower this little bundle of love twice?

We decided to get the best of both worlds with a before and after party. We hosted a Woodland Inspired Baby Shower in Santa Cruz (the Pinteresting on this is pretty incredible), and then a Whale themed “Sip and See” in Riverside just a couple of months after Ollie was born. This way, we could play with a couple of different themes, we wouldn’t have to double up on gifts in the registry, and Hay would be able to celebrate special (and slightly different) milestones with each group.

Win win!

If you’ve got a Shower or a Sip & See in the works, there are so many cute ideas out there these days! I could’ve thrown ten more! Here are a few shots to inspire your next Woodland Fest or Whale of a bash!


Annnddd… Round #2…

Such a lucky little love bug. 🙂

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