Pitcher Perfect

Pitcher Perfect


        I love a good shop-while-traveling excursion. Actually, one of my favorite things to do is to voyage (the destination does not have to be remote mind you) and shop for locally crafted artisanal finds that are right on the precipice of hitting it big time.


Case and point, the Pitcher.


        While on a recent family outing (in Santa Cruz) I had an epiphany. Taking a leisurely stroll through one of my favorite stores downtown called Stripe, I noticed a new crop of fresh, neutral-colored, perfectly shaped pitchers. Instantly I was thrown back to the previous Spring; we were just moving into the house, organizing shelves and tidying corners, and I wanted to find the perfect pitcher to hold our small collection of cooking utensils on top of our kitchen counter. I could already envision the piece – tall and strong, with gentle imperfections, naturally shaped edges, milky-cream coloring and a delicate finish. Now, could I find this pitcher anywhere?


Not a chance.

        I spent a few weeks sifting through antique shops, browsing the web and blog stalking. I even enlisted my mother and sis, encouraging them to keep an eye out for this illusive pitcher. She was never to be found. I was deflated.

        Nonetheless, I settled on a perfectly good porcelain pitcher from Target, succumbing to it’s lean and long shape, clean lines, and creamy finish. It has done its job well, serving as a dependable holder for our bits and bobs and adding a milky splash to our tawny kitchen backdrop. Yet, it hasn’t achieved the subtle farm table panache exuding from the imaginary pitcher I’d dreamed up in my mind. Frankly, none of the pitchers I’d seen this past season captured this subtle simplicity… until now…



        So I’m making a prediction. This Spring will be all about beautifully crafted porcelain and ceramic pitchers. Not only do they make lovely carafes, utensil holders, and jugs, they also double as a delightfully unassuming vase for fresh floral display. Multipurpose, posh and pretty – it’s a total no-brainer. Below you’ll find a little design inspiration and a few eye-catching pitchers on the rise.

Feel free to share your top pitcher picks for Spring!


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