Reuse – Recycle In Style

Reuse – Recycle In Style

chevron mint reuse bag. reuse recycle
I don’t know about you, but somehow I go through Ziploc plastic bags like they’re going out of style…and I hate it. One of my current goals has been to try and finish all of the food that we purchase before it spoils, in addition to avoiding unfinished leftovers we have to discard. The problem is that I now find myself loading up our fridge with baggies of vegetable and fruit bits that are temporarily waiting their turn to be thrown into the mix. I cringe every time I press the pedal of our waste bin and toss another barely used baggie into the garbage.

So I’m taking a stand. No more excess baggage. We will take a new sustainable approach to a problem that I think has a rather practical solution. In my search to find the perfect reusable substitute, this is what I’ve found; a delightful assortment of colorful, sustainable bags that come in all patterns, shapes and sizes. My plan is to try ones that zip, ones that double seal, and a few that are washing machine and/or dishwasher friendly for ease and efficiency. From Amazon to Etsy, there’s an eco-friendly bag suitable for all occasions. Folks, I think this is finally some baggage worth keeping around.

chevron and flora trio bags. recycle reuse

Birdie baggie. Recycle in style

apple baggie. Recycle in style




elephant etsy bag. recycle reuse

produce reusable. Recycle in style

periwinkle baggie. Recycle in style


Sailor Stripe bag. Recycle in style

Blue shark baggie. Recycle in style

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