A Little Spooky Inspiration & My Top Ten Films for Some Halloween Fun

A Little Spooky Inspiration & My Top Ten Films for Some Halloween Fun

          Halloween has swiftly come and gone, and for me this year was all about experimentation – embracing the new and revamping the old tried-and-true… all of it up against an unfamiliar backdrop. A new landscape. Though it was slow to start, I found the dust settling. The cobwebb-ing collecting. I started to envision an All Hallow’s Holiday in my new home.


          We had always welcomed with haste the approach of October, the chance to pull out the definitive paper bats, fuzzy felt spiders and assortment of scary skulls collected over time. When we lived in the apartment I had such fun testing new spooky set-ups – I’d mix and match decorations I’d gathered each season. Adding little details to the haunting vignettes brewing over these few years past was one of my favorite thrills. I looked forward to furiously putting it all up while Emmy and Ryan were at work so that when they finally arrived home, they’d find themselves in a whole new place, completely transfixed.


          Decorations are such a fun way to add a little spirit and spice to any season or holiday. But this year, things felt different. I was hesitant. I didn’t feel the same eagerness to tear into my creepy collection, and I didn’t know why.

Until it hit me.




          It’s all new. Different. Things wouldn’t look the same and I couldn’t envision it – I couldn’t “see” the familiar depiction of our Halloweens past. The spiders wouldn’t look the same on the walls, the Tim Burton tree didn’t have a countertop for display. In this instant I was reminded that even when we think we have adapted, tiny little hints emerge that force us to take a step back and widen our perspective. I am reminded that while we tend to resist change, the important thing to remember is that there is so much possibility in the “new” – the untouched.

In beginnings.


          Finally I am inspired. I think the hardest thing at first was lending space to design; I had spent so much time moving items and re-organizing cacti and candles to create a comfy, cozy space that was all our own – now it seemed a minor tragedy to make room for decorations. And it’s amazing how things change from an apartment to a home; the kitschy spider decals don’t have the same allure, the glowing giant jack-o-lantern feels awkwardly out of place. You’ve got to blend the satire with the silly in such a way that you achieve an air of elegance. This was my challenge.


          Rather than force a familiar picture, I went back to a blank slate and allowed myself to explore. I roamed some of my favorite shops (Target and Michael’s are wonderful for sales) and opted for a few new pieces to liven up the scene. Using the same approach I had with organizing the house, I started from scratch, tried and tested, mixed and matched – until I settled on a vision that felt right.


Sometimes a little shift in perspective is all you need to achieve greatness.


          In a lovely turn of events my parents came down and joined in the All Hallow’s Fun at our new home. We ate chili, lit candles, listened to the dog bark at children and watched scary movies (see my Top 10 quintessential Halloween movies below). While we only had 6 kids in total (dental appointments are in our near future) it was a wonderful first Halloween. Most certainly one for the books!






Here are my Top 10 Favorite Halloween Movies to Delight and Inspire some Holiday Fun this Year:

  1. Nightmare On Elm Street
  2. Hocus Pocus
  3. Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 1
  4.  Sleepy Hollow
  5. Arachnophobia
  6. Practical Magic
  7. Scream (1 or 2)
  8. Beetlejuice
  9.  The Bad Seed
  10. Halloween


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