Toast To The Coast

Toast To The Coast

I’m not sure exactly when this tradition started, but I have deemed every day a reason to celebrate…with wine…or with beer, or with bubbly – or with La Croix’s Pomplamoose flavored sparkling water – truly the possibilities are endless. Now don’t get me wrong, too much “celebrating” can result in dangerous territory. That, my friends, will take all the fun out of the party. This kind of soiree can be sans bubbles or booze, all you really need is a delicately frosted glass, a few sweet smelling candles, and a set of hand–crafted coasters like these true blue beauties via my stylish sister who currently resides in Santa Cruz, California.

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The good news is you don’t have to go all the way to NorCal to make a purchase! The bad news is, however, that you will need to schedule a tiny trip to Mexico… but really, it’s the perfect excuse. She and her new hubby brought them back from their Honeymoon in Los Cabos and I have not been able to stop admiring them since. I use them as coasters, as decoration, as tiny trays and mini-cactus stands – I can’t get enough of them! With their hand-painted floral patterns and bright colors, they add just the right amount of color and life to my pretty party.

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Whether you are toasting with friends or enjoying some much needed solo relaxation, a little hand-crafted detail is the perfect pick-me-up, with or without the booze. Now there’s something to celebrate! If a trip to the border is not in your near future, here are some ideas worth toasting to…

Coast with the Most

coaster inspo 3. Coast to Coast

coaster inspo. Coast to Coast

copper coaster. toast to coast

coaster inspo 2. Coast to Coastcoaster inspo marble. Coast to Coast



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